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Fort McMurray

The perfect setting for a beautiful evening, under a cloudy sky, our community arrived in white, with their picnic baskets, and table decor ready to enjoy a magical evening, at one of Fort McMurray's most beautiful outdoor locations!

The evening began with the waving of the napkin, to let guests know it was time to start dinner. The evening was perfect, guests enjoyed the history of Heritage Village, enjoyed dining alfresco and the evening with friends of friends of friends and of course the dancing! With Fort McMurray's evenings being bright Diner en Blanc's 5th edition closed out the evening with the lightning of the sparklers! 

It truly was a magical evening, the rain held off and fun was had by all attendees!

Thank you to everyone who partnered, collaborated and volunteered to bring Diner en Blanc to Fort McMurray!

Denise Hildebrand, Dawn Sidoroff and Cassandra Noel, Hosts 

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