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You are able to order, everything you'll need to enjoy Diner en Blanc on June 18th from our e-store!

If you'd prefer to bring your own food, or your group wants to share feel free to do so, BUT please remember no sales happen on the evening of the event.

You must purchase your Alcohol (champagne & wine) on the e-store, as Alberta Law does not allow you to bring your own.

WildRose Catering & Co. has an amazing selection of picnic-style meal options for two to enjoy if you prefer the ease of arriving and picking up your food.

As well please make sure to pack your dishware, cutlery, glassware...cloth napkins, and table cloth, or check out the option of ordering an EEBOX made specific for Diner en Blanc guests one box is made for 2 people, with the choice of gold/white or silver/white that you can take home with you and use year after year.

Caribou Flowers has put together 5 beautiful arrangements at different price points should you decide to add the beauty of flowers to your table.

See you on June 18th, 2022 for our 5th Edition of Diner en Blanc Fort McMurray!

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