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What to expect the day of Diner en Blanc

The day of the event ......what to expect

* Meet your Bus/Pedestrian Leader (also known as Table Leader) at the designated location

* Be transported to the "secret" location

* With direction from your Table Leader, quickly set-up your table and food. You will be seated directly across from your guest. ( pick-up for e-store purchases will be at the secret location)

* Once everyone is settled and the signal is given, all guests lift and wave their white cloth napkins to signify the beginning of dinner

* Eat, drink, mingle, wander around and take lots of photos

* Once again a signal will be given at a specified time where all guests light their sparklers (part of the swag) to indicate the opening of the dance floor (another great photo op for you and your friends)

* Continue the festivities until 10:30pm at which time everyone will quickly clean-up leaving no trace of themselves after the event

* Board the bus back to your starting point where you will be taken back to your original pickup point.

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Le Dîner en Blanc
Fort McMurray

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